Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day From Jevan!

Well, I'm gonna be celebrating Singles' Appreciation Day (I've never been taken in my life, which is just tragic.) But enough about me. It's also the day of lovers, and in honor of that, I'm putting up this lovely little artwork of Jay and Evan (from The Dark Ice Chronicles) sharing a sweet, beautiful embrace.

I know, I said my next artwork would be of Fionna, but I already had this one finished, and I've been dying to present it, so here it is. Enjoy! And I promise, Fionna really will be the next artwork I put up here. She's challenging, though, because of the specific Chloe Bennet pic I'm using as the basis for it...but you'll see what I mean when I have her done and ready to show. :)

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