Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Teen She-Wolf: Hunter Renard

My Teen Wolf fanfic, Teen She-Wolf, wouldn't be the same without the assistance of my #1 Wattpad fan, @SkiesAfterRain. I have to give her some credit for helping me come up with the idea of this original character: Hunter Renard. He's a teenage werelynx looking for love, cuddles, and balls upon balls of yarn to play with 'cause he's got the soul of a kitty cat. Also, he's British, he looks like the Flash (not that you can tell from the drawing), and he'll shamelessly flirt with any guy or girl.

Fun fact - the werelynx drawing got compared to the Cheshire cat while it was being sketched. :D

Next up - a little bit of Sleepy Hollow fanart to celebrate the show's fresh third-season renewal!

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