Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Guys of Deadpool Syndrome

As promised, here's my artwork of the Deadpool Syndrome guys.

On the far left, we got Hiro and Tadashi with Baymax, of course. Peter's hanging upside down 'cause that's whatever a spider can, and the rest are all looking quite teenaged. Hawkeye looks like a younger Bono, Cap's got a scarf (if you can't tell), I ended up cutting off part of Stark's hair, and as for Thor, he's not flying. Stark "volunteered" him as a testing dummy for Peter's webshooters, as well as Hiro's microbot body armor (which explains why his chest is so unusually thick-looking, and also why he's the only organic being not smiling.)

Next up, the girls! :D

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