Friday, May 15, 2015

Review: Half Wild

Half Wild by Sally Green

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I didn't think the first book quite lived up to the hype, but this one does. Mostly because of the newfound blending of witch and werewolf mythology for Nathan and his Gift (although the CHCHCHCHCHCHCHCHCHCHCH thing was a bit annoying, but thankfully it only came about a couple of times.) I was also surprisingly less weirded out by the second-person POV parts, but probably because I was expecting those this time around after Half Bad.

Definitely the most unexpected part was the love triangle - a totally unique one in that it combines people of different sexual orientations. And you know what? I had a very hard time deciding to favor one ship over the other. At one point, I was even thinking, "Why not an OT3?" I don't normally ship OT3s, so...but hey, Ms. Green's done it pretty well. Especially with the idea of fluid sexuality - a tricky thing to handle at the best of times (which is probably why I haven't attempted to do so yet in my own writing), but it does exist, and in this story, it's pretty believable, I think. It's more believable than Andrew Smith's example in Passenger, which, to me, felt shoehorned in at the last minute, not like in Grasshopper Jungle where the MC was questioning from the get-go.

But that ending...holy God. Was I the only one sensing parallels to Ra's al-Ghul trying to get Oliver Queen to kill him? Maybe I was.

Oh well. One book to go, coming out next year...and hopefully the whole shipping issue will finally be put to bed by then. Haha, I just made quite a funny, didn't I? :)

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