Saturday, May 30, 2015

Review: Maximum Ride Forever

Maximum Ride Forever by James Patterson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Holy shit nugget, am I seeing this right? A Max Ride swan song?

I promise you this, mis amigos - I am gonna kill to be first in line for this one!

Yes, I'm rating it five stars in advance. No way it'll be anything short of awesome. Thank you so very much, James Patterson, for presenting the world with this - because God knows, we need all the answers that were left unsolved in Nevermore.


Yeah...this was as amazing as I could have hoped for. Not only was it wall-to-wall with apocalyptic disaster business, but it was crazy intense as all get-out, not to mention livened up by Max's delightful narration. Oh, Max Ride, how I missed you and your snarkiness.


* All the deaths that occur throughout the novel are faked - except two. Those two are, of course, the ones that hurt the most. Requiescat in pace, Akila and Fang. Never mind that Fang gets to live on in the form of a clone - it's still not the same. Not to me.
* Some of the evil scientists we all know and love to hate did, in fact, contribute to the apocalypse. Not for nothing do we sometimes call him Dr. God, but me, I prefer Dr. Haagen-Dazs.
* Oh, and the granddaddy of them all...yeah, I totally called it. Max and Fang finally did the do - right before he up and left the Flock again, of course - and by the end of the book, she's pregnant with his baby. Oh, and that epilogue with little baby sweet. And not in the wrong way, either. There's a reason why I stuck to the Fax ship from the beginning, people. :)

I imagine some people won't like the way this story reverts to some of the infamous old Max Ride standbys - such as retconning character deaths, Angel being Angel (seriously, she's become way too creepy), and Dylan being Dylan (go away, winged smarmosaur.) But it wouldn't be a proper Max Ride swan song if it weren't done in the old style, would it?

Three years without answers, and now we finally have them. And the future looks a hell of a lot brighter for our beloved Flock now...a future that we can hopefully be free to imagine without the aid of another book. (Not that I wouldn't like another one, but let's face it, nothing lasts forever.)

So, hopefully, this'll be the only time I have to say this: ave atque vale, Max Ride and the Flock! :D

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