Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Review: Origins

Origins by Taran Matharu

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This new series has been super-hella-hyped on Wattpad, and so before I began Book 1, I decided I needed to take a look at this novella first. From what I hear, the main characters in this story aren't those from The Novice - but I could be wrong. The Novice (which I had to special-order from Marin County Library) is still sitting and waiting for me to crack it open.

What we've got here is a Soulbound-level Mashup of Everything. There's definite influences of Pokemon (the creatures from another world), His Dark Materials (the demon thing, but thankfully not the anti-religious stance), Soulbound (although whether or nor Matharu's read that obscure little book of Auntie Heather's, I'm not sure), and How To Train Your Dragon (which is almost certainly intentional, because Matharu's also got an HTTYD fanfic on Wattpad - one I really need to read at some point.)

I definitely can't wait to start the first full book now. And, even better, Matharu's got a new origin story, Rory, going on Wattpad now. :)

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