Monday, May 4, 2015

Some Random Artworks

I've had a few days away from this blog, and in that time, I've sketched a few artworks of varying quality. Sadly, the Jackunzel piece has proven so awful, I won't show it to anyone...but instead, I have some more unusual groupings to show you guys.

The first is a pair of adorable little bastards. Neither is human, but that hasn't stopped my best friend from adopting them as her sons. Here we have Demyx (the infamously tough boss from Kingdom Hearts II - though he's nowhere near as bad as Xaldin), and the lovely little damaged robo-cop known as Chappie.

And here I have a trifecta of awesome fictional angels - Raffe from Susan Ee's Penryn and the End of Days, with Pooky Bear on his back (and modeled after Chris Evans, sort of), Castiel from Supernatural, and of course my own Alex Snow from Red Rain. Why he's got drumsticks, I have no idea - he can't play any instrument to save his life. But who cares?

Next up...probably something else Red Rain-related.

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