Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Review: Dangerous Deception

Dangerous Deception (Dangerous Creatures, #2)Dangerous Deception by Kami Garcia
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Everyone thinks Rick Riordan is the ultimate cliff-hanging troll:

But after the ending of Dangerous Creatures, I beg to differ.


* Dangerous Darkness (obvious, but come on...)
* Dangerous Love
* Dangerous Light

All wrong. Love the actual title, though. And the cover - wow. Broken shades have never looked so cool.


Well, well, G&S. Together, you've gotten the Caster Chronicles world back to form and then some. Between the much more international scope of this adventure (Ripping to Europe, anyone? Even if only for a short while...) and the crazy intensity of the Ridley storyline (at least we finally got that cliffhanger resolved!), this second Dangerous Creatures story was a short but sweet one.

Sweet...until the end, that is. I was warned by a fellow reader that the ending would be bad. She didn't tell me it would be sad. And sad it was. Not gonna lie - I teared up quite a lot. It's hard to say which of these two fine writer ladies, Garcia or Stohl, could be more responsible for this one. While not as lethal as the ending of Idols (for which I'm still not inclined to forgive Stohl anytime soon), or as devastating as the ending of Unmarked (oh God, don't remind me), it still continues their trend of giving me the feels something fierce.

Okay. Done talking. I'm gonna go hug my dog now. I need it. And then I'll wait for the inevitable third book - not to mention Stohl's Black Widow book, which I just found out about today. :D

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