Friday, June 26, 2015

Review: Tunnel Vision

Tunnel VisionTunnel Vision by Susan Adrian
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

File this one under "2015's Undiscovered Gems."

This high-octane, high-stakes story fuses Miss Peregrine (a young man with creepy powers inherited from his Eastern European refugee grandpa who always calls him "Yakob," but thankfully Dedushka doesn't die like Grandpa Portman did), The Adjustment Bureau (guy can't be with his dream girl because The Powers That Be have so decreed it, except they're government and not supernatural entities), and Little Brother (severe government lady who serves as the book's primary antagonist and gives DARPA a bad name, but without the Bush-era politics to further influence her portrayal) in a crazy intense way. Once the story starts, it refuses, and I mean REFUSES, to stop - right down to its ending, in which there's definitely room for a sequel. And speaking of that spoilers, but there's an even Bigger Bad than Liesel, one you'll probably not see coming. And even if you do, prepare to be shocked beyond belief.

My one hope is that this doesn't become the next Soulbound (series initially cancelled, then revived as a stupid e-book exclusive), or the next Archived/Unraveling/President's Vampire (amazing high potential, but the series just seems to stop after Book 2 for no reason.) There needs to be a nice, complete series here. Please? Pretty please?

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