Sunday, August 2, 2015

Aww, The Birthday Feels... :D

Yesterday, I turned 22. A few Wattpad friends, upon learning of this immediately teased me with a certain Taylor Swift song (no names, because the Secretary insisted on disavowing all knowledge of their actions - and yes, I saw Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation today, which I highly recommend to all living within a hundred miles of a movie theater!) However, some others gave me a different, much more awesomer type of gift. I think this might be a personal record for me - today, I got no less than three ( <3 ) Wattpad dedications!

First off, the latest chapter of Sarah Benson's The Bloodstone Prophecy - her second Shadow Wars novel! (Think Kane Chronicles or Children of the Lamp for an older audience - YA Egyptian adventure.)

Second, this review of Red Rain, penned by Wattpadder @Falling4Angels.

And third, the ever-amazing @SkiesAfterRain gifted me the first-ever fanfic of one of my stories - in which Jay, Evan, and Harris go to Comic-Con!

Many thanks to all of you for rocking out loud! :3 :D

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