Friday, August 14, 2015

Review: Truth or Die

Truth or Die Truth or Die by James Patterson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I've read a few good Patterson standalones that really deserve to be the first in a series, and this one is no exception. However, I would much prefer to read a whole series of Truth or Die books if it focused not on its protagonist and narrator, Trevor Mann, but instead on Owen Lewis. Outside of his YA series, Owen is the Patterson character I've connected to best, mostly because I found it very shockingly easy to identify with him. Sure, he's a genius, and I'm, well, not. Not in the way he is, at least. But he and I are close in age, similar in appearance (or so I'd have myself believe), and practically identical in our senses of humor - especially when it comes to dishing out weapons-grade snark. His Alex Trebek impression, in particular, had me in stitches. And his lines in general were great opportunities for me to practice my always-in-need-of-work Dylan O'Brien impression (I'd fan-cast him as Owen, easy.)

Besides, without Owen, there wouldn't have been as much of a story in this one. Well, I suppose someone else could have invented the highly disturbing Applied Phlebotinum on which this book runs, but would they have left such an amazing impression as Owen? In the words of my trusty childhood Magic 8 Ball, "Don't Count On It." And there's so much potential for a crossover between an Owen Lewis series and some of the other works in Patterson's library - particularly Michael Bennett (for the New York setting), or Confessions (again, New York, and also for the not-so-secret sci-fi genre elements.) Seriously, Tandy Angel and Owen Lewis teaming up? How cool is that?

Well, I can always hope. And that's probably all I'll be able to do, unless the seemingly-impossible happens and my crossover dreams come true.

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