Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Review: Irkadura

Irkadura Irkadura by Ksenia Anske
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

And now for something completely different from the ever-popular, ever-undiscovered Ksenia Anske. There are a few of her usual trappings - strong female lead, talking dogs, bizarro fantasy - but overall, this book is so very much not Rosehead or The Badlings. It's a million times Darker and Edgier, with the Lisbeth Salander-like horrors the protagonist has to face. No wonder she slips into a fantasy world where everyone and their mother (literally) has their spirit animal revealed for her to see.

It's very much worth reading, though, for the story involving Irina and Pavlik - those poor kids. :( And also the eaglet, whose personality reminds me strongly of that scorpion from Orphan Black ("Shut up about the butter!") Not to mention the brutal revenge Irina gets in the end for her mother's boyfriend's crimes - that would make Tarantino take notice.

This might be my last Ksenia Anske book for a while. I definitely need to take a breather before starting on her Siren Suicides trilogy.

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