Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Flash: Of Speedsters And Sweethearts


I'm not too big on math. We haven't been on good terms in years. But today, I'll persuade her to help me demonstrate a few things re: last night's episode of The Flash in simple terms.

Barry Allen + Patty Spivot = Batty.

Batty on the CW + Batty in the New 52 = Ricky Ships It. <3

Batty + Sweetness = Happy Shippers Like Ricky.

Batty + Fighting = See Meme Below.

I still don't trust Harry, in any incarnation, because of this, BTW.

So, when The Flash ended last night with the supremely adorkable Patty Spivot choosing to leave Central City, my immediate reaction was a shocked "NOOOOO..." And then, when the scene played out completely and I was able to process it, I was still in two minds. On the one hand, it's cool that Patty gets to follow a dream she put aside years ago, and if Barry says that her choice of school's a good one, well...

But on the other hand, I'm directing this particular message to the men and women of the Flash writers' room.

Seriously, Berlanti et al.

And that's just the superficial, primordial reaction. Another, more enlightened mind clued me in last night to an even better reason why Patty's decision was a mistake. I hereby bring in the tweet that started a long convo that kept me up past midnight:

Amy's right. Patty's tougher than that, and we all know it. And this is The Flash we're talking about - a show that runs on characters for whom we feel so strongly. We want to see nothing but the best for our heroes. We want them to win, not only when taking on deadly meta-humans and other assorted bad guys, but also when they're connecting with others and forming relationships. I'm sure I'm not the only one who sees a lot of myself in Barry. One thing I don't want us to have in common, however, is a terminal inability to maintain a loving, long-term relationship. (Of course, Barry's lucky in that he's had girlfriends, whereas I haven't had one, ever, for so many reasons not germane to this discussion.)

This GIF was begging me to find a time and place for it. :)

Amy also brought up another great talking point in our chat last night - the possibility that Patty will return and help investigate the case of The Flash, as many of us have expected she'll eventually do with her (not without reason) anti-meta position. In my words, "Hello major plot twist!" The tension alone would be enough to drive us poor viewers Batty (pun intended), but at least Patty will get to stay on the show that way. Because, in another reply of mine going back to Amy's original tweet:

Mark my words, Pinecones, this is not the last we'll be seeing of Patty Spivot.

Till next time...

Remember: Denis Leary is always watching. Always.

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