Saturday, April 23, 2016


It's been a couple of years since I wrote this poem - which got me extra credit in my poetry class way back in spring 2014. That's a time I just wanna remember so much (especially 'cause it's when the world was first graced with the presence of the Ghost Stories album from Coldplay and The Amazing Spider-Man 2), even if I was in a bit of a dark place at the time. And because I'm feeling like I'm in a dark place tonight (even with the aid of The Peanuts Movie), I've decided to share my old poem with you guys to see if it helps me feel better. It probably will - usually, it does.

So here's my work, called "Cage."

Would you keep a cat in a cage?
Not all the time.
Not if you don't want him to get fat
And useless and lazy.
Kitty needs his playtime
So he can stay cute and cuddly.

Would you keep a wolf in a cage?
Maybe, if he were tame.
Maybe he can be trained
To chase squirrels from your apple tree.
But can he ever be truly happy
Living in comfortable captivity?

Would you keep a cobra in a cage?
Could be for research.
Could be to see if you could make
A less dangerous beast.
Just know that you run the risk
Of getting venom slung your way.

Would you keep a human in a cage?
Only if he deserved it.
Only if it would keep the world safe
From his different personality.
But what if his crime is nothing more
Than being a misfit?

There's a reason why the expression is
"Pacing like an animal in a cage."
You are controlling a soul
Yearning to be let free.
Maybe he needs a little leash.
Would you give the human some slack?

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