Sunday, September 18, 2016

Review: The Warrior

The Warrior The Warrior by Victoria Scott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Dante Walker's story comes to a completely wild and crazy - and endlessly twisty - ending. I do mean "endlessly twisty," too, especially in the second half or so when everyone and their mother starts betraying and backstabbing to get ahead in this little supernatural war.

One thing I loved about this series overall is its occasional similarities to my own books - particularly the tendency to bring the dead back to life with supernatural powers a la Dead Like Me. Of course, this book just had to feature some exceptions to that rule, including my favorite character, whose death may or may not have been spoiled for me (didn't make it hurt any less, though.) What wasn't spoiled, however, was how much that character's death resembled one I wrote into the third book of my Red Rain series. Granted, my character died almost instantly from a light blade as opposed to taking hours to die after being stabbed by a metal one, but still. And then there were the scenes where Dante kept seeing people he knew and loved in his dreams - something that's become a huge part of my books too (although mine typically go for more Inception-style extended sequences.)

Bottom line, outside of Fox's very own Lucifer, there's really no better fictional demon available for mass public consumption than Victoria Scott's very own Dante Walker.

Ave atque vale to the once and future collector, liberator, and warrior.

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