Monday, October 24, 2016

Peppermint Cover Reveal!

Recently, I decided that the story of Alex and Gabe Snow and all the other heroes of Red Rain couldn't finish in four books - it would instead take five. So I once again reached out to Sam Ayers, aka Whisperingwater, to design a cover for this new addition to the Red Rain series, Peppermint.

To recap, here's what Sam's given me before with the first four Red Rain books:

Amazing, aren't they? Now joining the party is the Peppermint cover in all its Christmas-colored glory, for the book will take place around Christmas time.

Green, red, winged, and full of water imagery just like all the rest of 'em. And now, the new and improved Red Rain series banner with all five covers.

To Sam Ayers, I once again say this:

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