Thursday, October 27, 2016

Red Rain: Alex and Fionna's Celebrity Faces

***Spoilers for the most recent seasons of Fear the Walking Dead and Agents of SHIELD appear below. You've been warned.***

One of the cool features of Wattpad is that it lets you pick a cast list for your stories, which I do for all of mine, and in great detail. For the Red Rain series, I've had a couple of different young actors in mind as the face of Alex over the years, but ever since I rewrote him as you see him now on Wattpad and SwoonReads (with olive skin instead of white), the face of Alex has been Lorenzo James Henrie of Fear the Walking Dead fame. Sure, I throw in more references to Alex resembling Scott from Teen Wolf, but that's because A) Scott - and, by extension, Tyler Posey - is more well-known to Red Rain's target audience, and B) even if Henrie or the character of Chris Manawa were as well-known, comparing Alex to a True Alpha good guy instead of a kid who lost his grip on reality and turned murderous would make more sense in-universe and out. But make no mistake - Henrie, in my head, is Alex. Just look at him on the couch in front of Chris Hardwick on Talking Dead and try to tell me otherwise.

Meanwhile, Fionna Lee's celebrity face has been unchanged almost from the beginning of Red Rain's earliest drafts. Unlike just about everyone else, I had a huge fanboy crush on Chloe Bennet's Agents of SHIELD character Skye (now known as Daisy), and when I learned that Bennet was half-Chinese, I decided to match Fionna's ethnicity to Bennet's, making her similarly, and explicitly, biracial after months of keeping her written as ethnically ambiguous.

You can imagine my reaction upon learning that the real reason Henrie left Fear after the end of Season 2 with Chris getting killed off (a shame, but it's a small mercy given how much the writers derailed his character) was for a recurring appearance as Ghost Rider's little brother Gabe Reyes on Agents of SHIELD.

The very same show where I first saw Chloe Bennet.

Not only was his character's name a massive coincidence (the face of Alex playing a guy named Gabe), but also, the thought of Alex and Fionna's celebrity faces sharing screen space?

Which, of course, they did on Henrie's second episode.

And now, Henrie's posted a behind-the-scenes pic of himself and Bennet, in costume and everything. (At least, I assume Henrie's in costume. Bennet's more obvious, with the bandages and stuff on her arms 'cause Daisy's keep breaking. Insert crying emoji because THAT'S MY SMOL CINNAMON ROLL GETTING HURT EVEN THOUGH YO-YO KEEPS SUPPLYING HER WITH BONE-STRENGTH MEDS!)

For your enjoyment, Pinecones, here it is - the one picture that finally prompted me to get a reposting app.

Lorenzo Henrie and Chloe Bennet. Alex Snow and Fionna Lee, together at last. :D

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