Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Red Rain Is Now On SwoonReads!

For a while, I've been considering uploading Red Rain to SwoonReads, the website through which Alex Evansley's brilliant, super-polished NA diamond in the rough Between Takes is being published. At first, I was unsure it would work - after all, SwoonReads specialized in romance, and Red Rain doesn't exactly fit the traditional romance mold.

But now SwoonReads has opened its doors to YA and NA books of all genres, which means it could be the solution I need, the avenue through which Red Rain will see its long-awaited, long-deserved official publication.

Even though I've recently had a full manuscript request, it's such a rare thing for me to get agent and/or publisher responses these days. I can't resist this opportunity.

If you haven't read Red Rain yet, well, what are you waiting for? The complete book now awaits you on SwoonReads! Go forth and follow this link into the rabbit hole...


  1. Best of luck as far as publishing goes!

    1. Thanks - and thank you for giving me my first SwoonReads rating too! :D