Saturday, January 14, 2017

Review: 2113 : Stories Inspired by the Music of Rush

2113 : Stories Inspired by the Music of Rush 2113 : Stories Inspired by the Music of Rush by Kevin J. Anderson
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Rush is a great, great band, with a story in every song. And this collection of short stories is only a hint of the inspiration they give.

For a band that made its name with such fantasy and/or sci-fi concepts as 2112 and Clockwork Angels (hint, hint: Kevin J. Anderson suggests that both take place in the same universe), it's no surprise that most of the stories inspired by their songs take fantasy and/or sci-fi and/or dystopian turns too. Turning "Subdivisions" into a creepy corporate prison world, "Mission" into a surprisingly sweet sci-fi tale of the dream of Martian exploration that gives The Martian a bad name, "The Spirit Of Radio" into a mashup of shipwreck and survival horror...these are some seriously inspired short stories. About the only one I didn't like was the one inspired by "Tom Sawyer," because of its reliance on problematic stereotypes - sleazy Jewish film producer, racist Arabs spitting on everything the Jewish guy touches, that sort of thing. But then there are those great stories I already mentioned, and also the original inspirations behind "Red Barchetta" and "Roll The Bones" for proof that even Rush themselves take significant literary inspiration. (Though they'll no longer admit to at least one of those - Ayn Rand's inspiration for 2112.)

For all Rush fans, this collection is required reading for sure.

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