Thursday, January 19, 2017

Review: Point of Impact

Point of Impact Point of Impact by Stephen Hunter
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

So I picked up this book because it's the basis of the movie (and, now, USA TV series) Shooter. Very loosely so, considering both book and movie take place in the 21st century while the book was written in 1993 and has a Vietnam vet as its main character.

Turns out the movie and TV series (neither of which is anything special, really, but neither of which is outright bad) are loosely adapted from the book for a reason. Point of Impact reads uncannily like Ludlum's Bourne Identity - slow, plodding, long, and laden with too many clashing details to go around. Put it this way - it takes almost 150 pages for the book's signature event, the assassination, to actually happen, and by then I felt like I'd been wasting too much time even attempting to slog through the story.

So, unfortunately, I'm DNFing this one. (And now I'm seriously wishing USA would have renewed Eyewitness over Shooter, because if Shooter plans to adapt any of this book's sequels, I'm sure I'd be pretty lost pretty quickly.)

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