Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Review: Rebellion

Rebellion Rebellion by Kass Morgan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Behold, another book of The 100!

I think I was just as surprised as anyone else in this fandom when I learned that Kass Morgan was giving us a fourth book - because it came almost a full two years after Homecoming, and I think we were all under the impression Morgan was ending things with the trilogy (even if it was pretty open-ended.) Turns out she wasn't out of ideas - and this latest idea of hers, while a little more divergent from the CW series (they'll never adapt this book at this point because its cult-themed story would be perceived as too similar to Season 3's ALIE storyline), is her best one yet, with some of the highest stakes to match the series.

Also, unlike the series, at least in the books, Bellarke shippers like myself can be guaranteed some satisfaction.

But back to those stakes. Escaping a doomsday cult (kinda redundant post-apocalypse, no?) proves increasingly challenging for our beleaguered survivors, especially when some of them start to fall under the cult's spell. Thankfully, they soon come to their senses after seeing how diabolical the cult's intentions truly are.

No spoilers, of course. Just suffice it to say that though I've long preferred the TV series, this is the first book of The 100 that I've found to match the show's stellar quality.

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