Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Red Rain Grand Finale: Sound & Color!

Sam Ayers strikes again, my friends.

For the final time, I'm presenting an expansion of the Red Rain series with one more novel, for which Sam has designed her most eye-popping cover art yet. This seventh Red Rain novel is an epic, apocalyptic finale, the culmination of not only Alex Snow's story, but also those of Gabe Snow, Fionna Lee, and Gideon Cabrera. These four will be the primary First-Person Smartass POV characters in the final Red Rain novel: Sound & Color.

Behold, the gloriously rainbow cover! I've got a few characters who'd be proud to see this image helping represent their saga...

Let's just say that for this finale, we're gonna have the most amazing combination of Star Wars and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (or, more gender-neutrally, Four Riders, as they'll be three men and one woman) you didn't know you needed. So those four - Alex, Gideon, Fionna, and Gabe - will be the leads of the story, and that means I'm gonna be keeping them alive. But anyone else might just be fair game...or I could invent new characters to serve as canon fodder and keep my darlings safe from further harm. You never know.

The plan now: finish Black Mirror and its time-traveling shenanigans (I'm approaching 75K words on that one as of today, and I keep expanding the story every day, so this really could be my first 100K+ manuscript ever!). Then I'll get started on Peppermint and its ass-kicking Christmas of corporate warfare, followed by the hellish nightmare of Orange Crush, and then finally, Sound & Color.

If these stories don't get turned into movies under the Disney umbrella alongside Marvel and Lucasfilm's properties, I will have failed as a reader, writer, and fanboy.

Until then, enjoy these two collages of all seven covers as crafted, of course, by Sam Ayers. One for your phone wallpaper...

...and one for your laptop.

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