Friday, February 17, 2017

Review: City of Glass

City of Glass City of Glass by Cassandra Clare
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Good thing I'm rereading this third Mortal Instruments book now - they're already adapting elements of its story into the Freeform series. Like Alec and Magnus eventually taking their relationship public, Hodge being kept in the cells under Idris, the introduction of Aldertree (whom the TV series serves up with a heaping dose of Adaptational Attractiveness, of course), and a few other storylines I can't discuss here because spoilers.

I expect that the second half of Season 2 will really delve into the City of Glass storylines, particularly the Idris-set sections that take up the majority of the book. Though I hope they continue their trend of cherry-picking what to adapt and what to change (there's one particular ship I'm really dying to see them make canon when Clare never did, and one particular death I hope they never, ever adapt, because that character didn't deserve to die at all), I'm also really hoping to see just how beautiful the TV series' version of Idris is. Though whether or not they'll keep Idris tech-free, considering the TV series has a much more science-fantasy vibe, that's up in the air.

Until then, I'll keep on watching Shadowhunters and rereading the first two of Cassie's series - it's been way too long anyway.

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