Friday, February 27, 2015

Deadpool Syndrome: Gwen Stacy

Peter won't be alone on DeviantArt for very long: here's Gwen to keep him company!

I think the best part of this drawing is her hair. Which was actually a pain to get right - a guy mistook her for MJ at first, because he thought her hair was darker than its usual blonde.

But hey, she's drawn up a hell of a lot more beautifully than I thought I could do. :)

Now, I promised a Spider-Gwen drawing next (that is, Peter and Gwen), but I've got a couple of Wattpad friends for whom I've decided to do fanarts instead. So the current schedule is thus: Jason from Phoenix13 (by Kewona Wolf), followed by Connor from The Night Has Teeth (by Kat Kruger), then Peter and Gwen. Hope that's good for everyone! And don't forget, requests are highly appreciated! :D

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