Monday, February 15, 2016

Review: Blur

Blur Blur by Steven James
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I recently learned that Steven James has gone and dipped his toe into the pool of YA fiction, so naturally, I had to check out Blur. I'm happy to report that he does this age group justice as he crafts another high-suspense mystery thriller, this time with a slight paranormal twist. I say "slight" only because it's very easy to forget that the book is paranormal to begin with. Usually, that's not a good thing (I say this as a hopeful future-bestselling writer of a Mundane Fantastic YA mystery that makes no effort to hide its paranormal side), but here, I think it is, because it just makes the book feel more grounded and real - not that it wasn't any of those things already. I'd say it compares pretty well to Andrew Klavan's Homelanders series or Mike Mullin's Ashfall in this respect, not so much in terms of genre, but more because of James' use of a protagonist with an excellent balance of intelligence and athleticism.

It's a shame that, like with so many of James' books, I wound up having to special-order this one from San Jose. The suburban library where I live needs to pick up more of his books ASAP.

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