Monday, March 14, 2016

Child Of Chaos: A Poem Inspired By Blue Moon

So, tonight, I've been fueled by java chip ice cream to catch up on the as-yet incomplete sixth and final installment of the Marvel fanfic series Blue Moon by Wattpad's very own @yourmybeautifulsoul, aka Sierra Daniels. As usual, I've wound up leaving off on a very shattering part of the story, which is par for the course for Sierra's writing. Not for nothing is she often compared to Joss Whedon himself, Pinecones.

During my binge-read, I found a section in the book where Sierra asked her fans to creatively express their appreciation for her books. It seems the due date for this assignment is March 15th, which happens to be tomorrow. Ooh, scary...but hey, I'm up this late, and still unable to sleep, and I know I'm gonna blow my first final tomorrow, so why not? I'm gonna write a poem, free verse, about my connection to Blue Moon and the characters within. And because I unexpectedly had time to do so, I've also gone and filmed myself reading this same poem, the video of which I'll be posting above the text of the poem itself. Take a look at whichever versions you wish (there are certain subtle differences between the two.)

Sierra Daniels, here's to you. :)

"Child Of Chaos"

They say I'm Spider-Man in my first life. I'm not gonna try and prove them wrong.
Neither should the creator of Loki's daughter,
Thea Fossil.
A girl even more Awesome than her McCoolname.
In her first life,
Her creator with the mountainous name
Is the true Child of Chaos.

How do I know?
Because of the way her writing plays havoc with all the rules
And turns my feels on their heads.
Never would've thought I'd feel bad for Loki.
I used to have such a hard time empathizing with the villain.

Under the creative guidance of the Child of Chaos,
Loki's depth continuously surprises.
As does that of Videl, the logical Second Coming of Jace Wayland.

And just as I can say My Angels Are Different,
So can Sierra.
I think you know how cool and geekboyish an angel can be
Based on Alex Snow's example?
You don't know Jack.
Pun intended.

We write our fanfictions for different reasons.
She expands the magnificent Marvel 'verse
With more supernaturally alien worlds than you can shake a Scepter at.
And me? I'm just a guy with a screwball sense of humor
Who channels Deadpool a little too well
Who manages to attract Spideypool fans to his writing by mistake
Who still writes as if 2014 never ended
And Garfield wouldn't, shouldn't, couldn't be replaced.
How can I hope to compare?

(Please don't answer that.)

Today, I finally caught up on this series.
My heart broke again, and it's a wonder there are any pieces left to break.

I have no idea how I can make it through to the end of Revenge.

The laughs will come again, though. I know they will.
And so will the action. That's a given.
And, of course, the sweet, sweet romance.

Not since The Amazing Spider-Man movies has a fictional work
Struck such a perfect balance of all of the above.

Thea. Jack. Loki. Videl. Peter. The Calens. Angelique. Marjoy. And all the Avengers.
Can you say, "Squad Goals?"

One day, Sierra's agent hunt will finally land her books
In the hands of the one
Who'll ensure they reach store shelves where they belong.
And I can proudly sit in the book aisle at Target, reading this book,
Holding my head high and say,
"I was there when this was still being crafted on the internet for the first time."

Plagued as I often am with feelings of worthlessness
And fears that I'll never amount to anything
I need to feel like I can make a difference.
That's why I'm up past one in the morning writing this.

And to end this, I'll borrow from the closing lyric to Coldplay's latest album.

"d o n ' t   e v e r   g i v e   u p"


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