Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Coming Soon: Orange Crush

Going to church again, even if it was just for Christmas Eve, made me feel depressed and stuck in Hell for another hour I could have spent writing instead. So I made the most of it and thought about what else to write for the Red Rain series. My brainstorming continued into Christmas Day, while my parents drove us to my grandparents' house, and the hellish visions continued. Hellish visions that wouldn't fit into Black Mirror or Peppermint.

So I've decided to extend the series, again, to six books.

Up to now, I've planned five...

...but now the hellish visions will come to you in the sixth of these books, entitled Orange Crush. Yes, like the R.E.M. song. If you've never heard it before, go look it up, and good luck keeping it out of your head.

And for your viewing pleasure, here's the brand-new cover of Orange Crush, as designed, of course, by Sam Ayers.

Looks beautiful and beachy and sunset-y, huh? But it's one of my books, so you know it's almost certainly...not.

My plan for this one is to have the narration split between Alex (of course) and Kelly Jackson. I was a little torn between making Kelly the co-narrator of this book, and choosing Harris, 'cause I love Harris and haven't written nearly enough in his POV. But in the end, Kelly, whose POV I've never written in before, won out, because she's going to really be leading the charge...but the details of that charge, I can't reveal here without spoiling material in Black Mirror and Peppermint that hasn't been written yet!

Until then, enjoy all six Red Rain series covers and get ready for some serious awesomeness to come in Orange Crush!

And once again, a huge thank you to Sam Ayers for designing all these magnificent covers.

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