Friday, April 7, 2017

Review: Clockwork Princess

Clockwork Princess Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The cliffhanger from Clockwork Prince was pretty low-key compared to what the fourth and fifth Mortal Instruments books served our way, but that didn't stop it from landing in my lap with an earth-shattering, ball-bruising KABOOM. That, plus the cover art, made me unable to wait for this book when it first came out. That cover art,'s the best one of any Clare book yet IMHO. I love the way they show Tessa. She reminds me a lot of Emma Stone (whom I pretty much developed a killer crush on from watching Zombieland). I really love that lusciously elegant Victorian dress, she really does look like a princess. But not the clockwork kind. Not at all.

As for the book itself, it's very well-done, and a most wonderful conclusion to The Infernal Devices. Chapters 2, 9, and 24 are undoubtedly the most memorable. As for some certain spoiler-y plot points, there were a lot of blindsides and emotional highs and lows to spare, up to and including the Deathly Hallows-style epilogue, which was, of course, positively beautiful and if you don't read that without crying, you're officially soulless.

Ave atque vale, Infernal Devices! You will be missed.

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