Saturday, May 6, 2017

Review: The Lost Order

The Lost Order The Lost Order by Steve Berry
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Steve Berry's spent the last few years really going on an increasingly hot streak with US history-inspired thrillers, and while this one doesn't quite hit a new peak (largely due to its surprisingly slow first half), it still manages to deliver quite a punch of action and current relevance. Let's just say that if Paul Ryan ever reads this book and gets, um, "inspired," God help us all. (So, um, God forbid Paul Ryan ever read this book, seriously.) What really makes this book shine is the complexity of its story, especially since its titular Lost Order, the Knights of the Golden Circle, are historically associated with Southern treason and racism, but these modern-day Knights are more concerned with actual reform than with unenlightened antebellum causes.

It's only too bad there are those in government - in real life, too, not just in this story - who make us realize that we seriously need all the reforms. (And also all the ways to keep Russia from interfering, but that's not quite so germane to this discussion.)

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