Sunday, May 21, 2017

Review: Star Wars: Rebel Rising

Star Wars: Rebel Rising Star Wars: Rebel Rising by Beth Revis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Beth Revis delivers a really good story that helps bridge the gap between the prologue and main story of Rogue One by detailing what happened between the time Jyn Erso wound up with Saw Gerrera and the time when she was rescued from an Imperial prison. Along the way, we see Saw's very slow descent into borderline madness as he becomes ever more fanatical about his cause, Jyn's nasty disillusionment with her father, and even, in a few scenes that remind me just a bit of E.K. Johnston's Ahsoka novel for some reason, Jyn finding companionship in a boy her age named Hadder. I almost wish he'd appeared in the movie...oh, but it's probably for the better that he didn't. But it'd be nice to see more of his story sometime.

I think Revis should write more Star Wars stories - heck, maybe even the backstory of Rey, should she choose to accept such a mission.

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