Monday, November 2, 2015

Review: Career of Evil

Career of Evil Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Seeing the blurb for this book made me have this reaction:

Reading this book made me have this reaction:

In some ways, this book was less intense than the impossibly disgusting, Hannibal-level grossness of The Silkworm. On the other hand, Galbraith's third benefits from taking a look into the dark personal histories of both Strike and Robin - specifically, the fact that they both have violent crime in their pasts - because it helps us, the readers, know a little more about why they're in this line of work. And, in between all that, we're treated to another warped, bizarre world, mostly linked to Strike, with the worst side of rock and roll fandom involved. I might just find myself listening to a lot of Blue Oyster Cult after reading this book, just to get a better idea what this killer likes. It might just be the best serial-killer soundtrack since "Orinoco Flow" appeared in the 2011 Dragon Tattoo movie. Also, I might just find myself attempting to perfect my Cumbrian accent now - which, as it stands at the moment, is the unholy love child of Cockney and Scottish. Is it one of those accents that's impossible to fake if you're not a local? Maybe it is, but now I gotta try, don't I?

Now to sit back and wait for the fourth Strike's gonna be another great one, I'm sure. This author cannot fail, I don't think. :)

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