Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Spidey In His First Life - A No-Budget Cosplay

Disclaimer: I'm not actually Spider-Man, nor am I Andrew Garfield. Either that, or I'm his split personality who thinks he's an American YA writer struggling to get published. XD

Lacking money or talent for designing cosplays, I went the no-budget route on this one - easy, considering Peter and I are geekboys with fairly similar wardrobes. Using this pic from TASM 2 as inspiration...

...I simply took clothes I already had and put them together in the right combination. Only one person IRL knew who I was, though. But maybe the intarwubs can do a better job of that. One day, I might just show up at Comic-Con or something dressed exactly like this. :D

The result, I hope, gives all my Pinecones some always-needed amusement. :D

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