Saturday, April 30, 2016

Review: War Hawk

War Hawk War Hawk by James Rollins
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Because the library where I live is completely crazy, they've not ordered War Hawk yet, and so it's impossible to even put it on order. However, they have an ample supply on the "Lucky Day" shelf of new releases, and so I snatched the opportunity to pick up this book, our first adventure with Tucker Wayne and his war dog Kane in...two years now?

Taking inspiration from the life and times of Alan Turing (whom I can only picture as Benedict Cumberbatch now), as well as Tomorrow Never Dies (my second-favorite of the Brosnan Bond movies after GoldenEye), this latest Rollins adventure raises the stakes to levels that reminded me very oddly of another recent read of mine - Jonathan Maberry's Predator One. Reading that book helped prepare me for Rollins' assault by drone and other elements of tomorrow's warfare. Although I typically prefer the more sci-fi-heavy Sigma books and especially the Biblical-Gothic Sanguines Trilogy for its highly unique twist on the Judeo-Christian tradition, War Hawk's more streamlined action delivered extremely well, making this shoot high up into my list of favorite Rollins books. (Only Map of Bones, Bloodline, and The Blood Gospel beat this out.)

I just hope we won't have to wait another two years for Tucker Wayne and Kane to return. Awesomeness Withdrawal for any Rollins series is powerful stuff.

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