Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Rinmaru Avatars, Part 3: Red Rain and Blue Monday Supporting Characters

I made so many of these avatars yesterday, it's not even funny. So, here they are, the major supporting cast of Red Rain!

Luca fancies himself a bit of a gamer.

MJ hair, Gwen Stacy eyes - that's Dani for you.

Rachel has a bunny. Your opinion is invalid.

I promise, Paul isn't really this thin.

Aron, however, very much is as thin as depicted.

Steve's favorite toy - the double orange knives.

Yeah, I put Cameron Monaghan in the cast list,
but the resemblance between TJ and Ian still shocks me.

I didn't really think Penny was a Goth before, but now...

Kyle Prado <3's you. Especially if you're Gabe.

Ryan isn't supposed to look like me.
He's supposed to look like Andrew Garfield.

I wish Annie could have gotten a guitar too.

Coming soon: Dark Ice Chronicles supporting character avatars! :D

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