Thursday, December 10, 2015

Arrow's Most Diabolical Cliffhanger Yet


"Come, they told me, pa-rum-pum-pum-pum
A newborn king to see, pa-rum-pum-pum-pum..."
- "The Little Drummer Boy"

*sigh* Well, my loyal Pinecones, I'll just let Stephen Amell speak for me re: the above song.

Yeah, after they used it as the soundtrack to Felicity getting shot last night, I'm gonna change the station every time I hear this song. Even the excellent Harry Connick, Jr. and Kenny G versions.

In this more enlightened era, there are so many amazing female characters on TV. Chief among them, I think, are the sestras of Orphan Black's Clone Club, Agent Carter herself, Joan Watson, Sameen Shaw, Daisy Johnson, Allison Argent (RIP), Kara Danvers, Daenerys Targaryen, and Clarke Griffin.

But let's not forget my favorite of them all.

Oh, how I wish.

Whenever TV writers see fit to kill off a character, they should also figure in whether or not it's really necessary to disrupt the dynamics of the show so severely. Often, I find that a show is in such a state of equilibrium, character-wise, that adding or subtracting any characters will irrevocably disrupt the show's vibe. Sure, maybe they'll set things right eventually, in their own way (as NCIS did when Ellie Bishop joined the show after Ziva David left), but it won't quite be the same.

But what happens when the subtraction of a character is done in the most disastrous, devastating way possible?

A rough representation of me at midnight last night.

That's the possibility we're looking at with the eventual resolution of this latest Arrow cliffhanger. The possibility that Felicity did not survive being shot by Damien Darhk's Ghosts (and while we're on the subject of Darhk, who else suffers from a near-permanent inability to spell his name right?)

Hail Hydra...oh wait, wrong show. XD

There are so many reasons why I want nothing more than to jump ahead to next month and see the next episode end with Felicity still alive like nature intended. One, the fact that it's gonna be torturous, the wait till the next Arrow-sode. Perhaps even more so than after last year's midseason cliffhanger - which, let's face it, everyone knew there was no way Ollie was gonna die, because the show called Arrow can't survive without its title character. Never mind that someone else, like Diggle or Thea or Roy, could have possibly taken up his mantle...but still, such a long wait.

I think she might have a bit of Sheldon Cooper Syndrome. But not in a bad way. :)

But with Felicity, she's not at all replaceable. I firmly believe she's the heart and soul of Arrow. Everyone who's a good guy loves her - none more so than Ollie, of course. And why not? She's the brainiest, sassiest, loveliest omelet-failer in all of Star City. Seriously, who else remembers this scene? It's my single favorite Arrow moment ever, and for good reason:

This, people. This is heart and soul right here. *starts humming that old Huey Lewis song* Now, the producers have told us that after last season of Arrow got so dark and depressing, they were gonna take things back a few notches, so the show's tone could be a closer match to its more successful (and just plain awesomer, IMHO) Central City counterpart, The Flash. Not to mention Supergirl - despite the fact that it's "officially" not in the Arrowverse, I eagerly await the day when CBS and the CW announce a four-night crossover - Monday to Thursday, Supergirl to Legends of Tomorrow. So, if this is really what they're going for, it's working so far. Why in the biohazardous material would the writers and producers undo all the good they've done by killing off Felicity? She's such an integral part of the show that the only way they could keep it going after that is to focus for a very long time on Ollie (among the rest of Team Arrow) getting much-needed vengeance. And then what? The hole Felicity will have left behind won't be filled easily, if at all.

Dude, don't ask questions you don't wanna know the answers to.

Every show peaks eventually. Arrow, don't let this be yours. If she dies, we riot. Instead, #SaveFelicitySmoak, and keep on building your potential. And when you do, I'll be there to support you by watching every Wednesday in the highest of spirits.

Also the best Arrow moment ever - Constantine's much-needed guest appearance.

Till next time, Pinecones...

Remember: Denis Leary is always watching. Always.

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