Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Review: The Crystal Bridge

The Crystal Bridge The Crystal Bridge by Charlie Pulsipher
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is two high-stakes adventures in one - the first, a YA fantasy involving a pair of teenagers and their space-time-continuum-breaking egg-shaped device, with which they find their way to an alternate world full of elves who don't call themselves elves, and the second, a techno-thriller where one man works on a computer so powerful it starts to develop a mind of its own.

In other words, it's the logical offspring of Warcraft and Michael Crichton, with particular influences from Jurassic Park and Timeline, and also Illuminae (my friend who turned me on to this book having noticed that particular parallel between the two books' AIs) and the Machine from Person of Interest.

It's a real rule-breaker of a book, which might explain why it's not officially published yet.

This first book is available on Wattpad, but only this one. I'll have to put off reading Books 2 and 3 until I can get myself a Kindle and an Amazon account. Or I could try and see if my library can be convinced to have the ebooks available in their system somehow, the way I did for Brett Michael Orr's magnificent debut, The Bureau of Time.

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